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2020 The New Anion Hair Dryer
2020 The New Anion Hair Dryer
2020 The New Anion Hair Dryer
2020 The New Anion Hair Dryer
2020 The New Anion Hair Dryer

2020 The New Anion Hair Dryer

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Engineered to be kinder to fine hair and sensitive scalps, the new Gentle air attachment diffuses the air, creating a gentle, cooler airflow - while still drying hair fast

After use


Re-engineered Styling concentrator:Create bends or go super-sleek. It’s got the control to do either.

Re-engineered Diffuser:Control your curls, or volumise them. Or use it on straighter hair to create movement.

New Gentle air attachment:Add volume at the roots, or use the diffused airflow to create texture through the lengths.

Smoothing nozzle:Create an amplified smooth look, with volume at the roots and a bend at the ends.


Damaged hair scatters light

Extreme temperatures can make small pores appear within the strands. These scatter light in all directions, reducing reflected light and decreasing shine.

Healthy hair reflects light

The Hair Dryer Supersonic™ hair dryer's intelligent heat control prevents extreme temperatures, protecting against overheating. Less damaged hair reflects more light in a single directions, so hair appears shiny.

After you use it, it will be simple to put it up


  • Plug standard: UK.US.AU .EU
  • Function: Hot/cold air
  • Max. power: 1200W
  • Number of gears: 4
  • Type of motor: DC
  • Model Number: hd01
  • Item Type: Hair Dryer
  • product informationNozzle type: Air collecting