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Electric Aquarium Gravel Cleaner
Electric Aquarium Gravel Cleaner
Electric Aquarium Gravel Cleaner
Electric Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

Electric Aquarium Gravel Cleaner

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No more worrying about your dirty fish tanks, now suck up any debris in your aquarium tank with this Electric Aquarium Gravel Cleaner like fish feed, fish poops, or dead water plant leaves. The filter bag is specially designed for soft rotten debris under water, no debris come back to your fish tank.

Aquarium Good Helper - 3 in 1 Multifunctional Fish Tank Cleaning Kit

 Gravel Cleaning: Vacuum suction siphon the fish excreta and other dirt out effectively without requiring a water change.

  • Removes Algae and Clean Water: Inhaling algae impurity and garbage suspended in water. As the water flows through the mesh, it isolates the waste and the clean water will returned to fish tank.
  • Water Changing: Maximum water flow: 520L/H. Help you change water effortlessly and quickly.

Hands-Free Electric Working

Cordless Battery Work: Battery powered, automatic working without hand pressing. Since the battery operated, it eliminates the possibility of electric shock. Requires 2 size C cell 1.5v batteries.

  • Mechanically Fixed, No Oil Lubrication, Safer for Fish:
  • Detachable Eddy Current Part

Main Features

  • MULTIFUNCTION GRAVEL CLEANING TOOL - Fish tank siphon pump is an ideal cleaning tool to clean gravel and change the water. Cleaning fish tanks will become very effortless!
  • AUTOMATIC WORK BY BATTERY - Unlike traditional tool which requires manual pressing to work, this fish tank vacuum cleaner uses 2 x batteries (2 C/LR14), just press the power button then start working, no more trouble to find power socket. 
  • ADJUSTABLE TUBE LENGTH - Three tubes of different lengths can be freely combined, the maximum length of the combination of the tube is 73cm. Suitable for a small, medium and large aquarium.
  • EASY TO USE - You can install the aquarium gravel siphon according to an icon easily. A strong pump easily removes particles from topmost layer of substrate without disturbing the bottom layer of gravel.


  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.
  • Batteries are not included in the product. Please bring your own.
  • Ideal for complete aquarium cleaning or quick spot maintenance and actually continuous work within 30 minutes.
  • To start working please keep the current water level between the min and max water level on the handle.