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Gyro Pen
Gyro Pen
Gyro Pen
Gyro Pen
Gyro Pen

Gyro Pen

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Relieve anxiety and stress at your fingertips.

Can the pen also be used as a gyro?!

  • Flexible design makes the gyro pen very useful everywhere!

Is this just a toy?Not at all. Flexible gyro pen body.Give the pen new meaning.

  • In the multitudes of schoolwork / dull work / when inspiration dries up.Need a little stress relief tool to help us share the pressure!


  •  Gilding technology metal pen holder,metal texture is more classy.
  •  0.5mm black smooth ink core, smooth writing.The refill can be replaced.
  •  It can be used for flashlight lighting, and it can also be used to make gyros more cool.
  •  Size 10.5 * 1.5 cm


    • Item Type: Ballpoint pen
    • Net Weight: 37 grams
    • Shell Material: Metal
    • Uses: writing, lighting, gyro, decompression toys
    • Specification: 10.3*1.1cm



    • 3 x Gyro Pen(Gold + Black + Silver)


    • The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.


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