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【Hot sales】Adjustable Irrigation System
【Hot sales】Adjustable Irrigation System
【Hot sales】Adjustable Irrigation System

【Hot sales】Adjustable Irrigation System

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Take The Chore Out Of Watering.
Add Our Reliable Irrigation Timer
& Save!

Keep Your Garden Watered To Picture-Perfect Brilliance With Minimal Effort!



💧 No More Over-Watering - Make sure every plant in your garden gets the right amount of water, every time using the adjustable nozzles.  Just twist each nozzle to the desired pressure and let the irrigation system do all the work.

💧 Saves Time & Water Consumption - This efficient watering system not only spares you the hassle of refilling water jugs or individually watering each plant, it can also save up to 70% water usage!

💧 It's Automatic - Our timer completely automates your watering schedule.  Simply set how often you want to water and for how long to make sure each plant is getting what it needs for optimal growth.

💧 Fully Expandable & Flexible - This irrigation system comes in different sizes to accommodate any size garden or configuration.

💧 Many Uses - Not only can this system be used to irrigate your garden, you can also use it as a mist cooling system to keep everyone cool and comfortable while enjoying the outdoors.


Our Adjustable Irrigation System is a must-have for gardens of all sizes.


Have you ever forgot to water your plants one day and said to yourself... "I'll just get to it tomorrow."?

We've all been there.

Although one day of missed watering is not catastrophic, it can easily lead to two, three, or more days your plants have gone without receiving the nutrients they need for survival. This puts you at risk of losing your garden that you put so much time and energy growing and cultivating up to this point.

Now, who wants that?

We certainly don't, and I'm willing to bet you don't either.

That's why our high-performing irrigation system is here to take the chore and hassle out of watering so you can easily grow and enjoy your garden!

 Water Your Plants Automatically!

Whether you're out of town, at work, or asleep, our automatic irrigation timer keeps your plants watered automatically on schedule!


Ordering Is Easy!

  1. Choose either Drip Irrigation or Drip/Mist Irrigation.
  2. Select the hose length you need based on your watering needs.
  3. Click Add To Cart to enter the guided checkout process.