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Talking Alarm Clock With Projector
Talking Alarm Clock With Projector
Talking Alarm Clock With Projector
Talking Alarm Clock With Projector
Talking Alarm Clock With Projector

Talking Alarm Clock With Projector

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 Imagine waking up to a HUGE CLOCK right in front of you! 

This clock features a bright LED display for a vibrant view of the time. Tells the time, date, temperature and has an alarm clock function.

 A great tip to a beautiful day is to start the day the beautiful way! 🌞 Start building your habit of waking up early now with our Wall Ceiling.


  • Can be switched between 12/24-hour time format
  • Backlight can be changed from blue to green
  • LCD display shows time, temperature and alarm sign
  • Time and temperature enlarge over any surface
  • Built-in speaker with crisp sound
  • Temperature readings can be switched between Fahrenheit/Celsius
  • Can be charged through DC 5V charging port



  • To install the battery: Remove the battery compartment door and insert the batteries into the slot after checking the “+” and “-“ ends.
  •  Under any mode, press top button for the time to be displayed with the backlight and projection.
  •  Under normal mode, press MIN/sound key to enter the following modes: Normal setting, time setting and alarm setting. Press MIN/SOUND key to adjust minutes. press HR key to adjust hours.
  •  Alarm time setting: Under normal display, press ‘mode’ key twice to enter the alarm setting mode, then press the MIN/sound key to adjust minutes and press HR to adjust hours.
  •  ALM and CHM On/Off switch: Under normal mode, press MODE key three times to enter into the ALM and CHM setting mode, then MIN/SOUND key to turn on/off the alarm function. If the alarm function is on, its sign will be displayed on the screen. Press HR key to turn on/off CHIME function. If the chime function is on, it will be displayed on the screen.
  • Under normal display, press MIN/SOUND key to choose the alarm sounds. Press HR to switch between 12/24-hour time mode. Press the key for 2 seconds to switch between Fahrenheit/Celsius.


1 X projection alarm clock

1 x USB cable

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