Wang Peijun's English Book Single Two Three Four Stage I Can Read Series Children's Enlightenment (12 volumes in the first stage)

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The first 8 books are 14x21.5 in size, and the last 4 are slightly larger and are 15.2x23cm. Except for Mine's the Best, the author is Crosby Bonsall, the other 11 books are written by Syd Hoff, the author of the Danny dinosaur series.

Except for Mine's the Best, which is My first, the others are all Level 1.

The catalog of Wang Yi's 12 books is as follows:

  1. Happy Birthday, Danny and the Dinosaur! page 32
  2. Danny and the Dinosaur p. 64
  3. Dann and the Dinosaur go to Camp page 32
  4. Sammy the seal 64 pages
  5. Who will be my friends? page 32
  6. Captain Cat 46 pages
  7. Stanley 64 pages
  8. Grizzwold 64 pages
  9. Chester 64 pages
  10. Mine's the Best page 32
  11. Mrs. Brice's Mice page 32
  12. Oliver page 64


Binding: 13 volumes boxed

8 of them size: 15*22.5cm

5 of them size: 14*21.5cm

Wang Peijun‘s second stage 13 catalogues:

           1.  There is Carrot in my ear 

           2.  The adventures of snail at school 

           3.  Harry and the lady next door   

           4.  No More Monsters for Me!

           5: Red Fox and His Canoe

           6: The Fire Cat

           7: Little Bear 

           8:Little Bear's Friend

           9:Little Bear's Visit 

          10:Father Bear Comes Home  

          11:Little Bear and the Marco Polo

          12.  Small pig  

          13.  Buzby 

  1. 14 binding: boxed

    Among them, the size of ten volumes: 21.5 * 14cm

    Among them, the size of 4 volumes: 23 * 15.8cm

    Table of Contents of the Fourteen Volumes of Wang San:

    1. Are frogs and toads friends of Wang Pei? 1 7E third stage

    2. The frog and the toad are together Wang Pei? 1 7E third stage

    3. Frogs and toads Wang Pei throughout the year? 1 7E third stage

    4. The day with Wang Pei the Frog and Toad? 1? 7E Phase 3

    5. The king hopper on Grass Road? 1 7E third stage

    6. Mouse soup Wang Pei? 1 7E third stage

    7. The story of the mouse Wang Pei? 1? 7E Phase 3

    8. The owl is at home, Wang Pei? 1? 7E Phase 3

    9. Uncle Wang Pei the Elephant? 1? 7E Phase 3

    10. Big Max Wang Pei? 1 7E third stage

    11. Has the strike of Wang Pei come? 1? 7E Phase 3

    12. Wang Pei, the smallest cow in the world? 1 7E third stage

    13. Clara and Book Cover Wang Pei? 1 7E third stage

    14. Is the last one? Egg Wang Pei? 1 7E third stageWang Si 30 volumes, binding: boxed, most of 14*21.5CM (a few of them are slightly larger); page number: most of them are 64 pages (a few 32 pages)

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